• Why should I confide in HomeContractors101?

    We make successful matches between consumers and service professionals every day. We have extensive knowledge of the home services industry and years of experience that allows us to successfully screen contractors. Our comprehensive tool has helped consumers find contractors in their area who are available to complete projects at a fair rate.

  • What services do your contractors provide?

    Our network of contractors are skilled in hundreds of home-related projects including remodeling, upgrades and repairs. Visit our project categories section to view all currently available categories.

  • How does HomeContractors101 match me with a home improvement professional?

    To match you with the right home improvement professional, we’ll need you to provide a short description of your project and answer a few questions. This will help us understand your expectations and the scope of the project. We’ll then match your need with professionals who have the necessary skills and experience.

  • Am I obligated to use HomeContractors101 professionals?

    You are under no obligation to use a contractor you are matched with through We connect you with professional contractors for you to evaluate for your home projects. The decision to work with one is up to you.

  • How do I know I’m getting a fair price?

    The benefit of using, is that you can compare quotes from multiple contractors through one simple request. By comparing quotes for the same project from contactors in your area, you can determine a fair cost per service.

  • Can I rate my contractor?

    We encourage reviews, because they help other consumers make smart decisions about who they work with. It also helps us ensure the quality of the work contractors in our network provide. Please feel free to leave a review after any completed project.

  • What is HomeContractors101?

    HomeContractors101 is a website where consumers can shop for home improvement, repair and remodel services. The site allows you to:

    Find qualified contractors in your area
    Make service requests
    Compare quotes for home improvement projects
    Complete home projects in less time

  • What if I change my mind in the middle of a project?

    HomeContractors101 is not responsible for and cannot influence the practices or contract terms agreed upon by you and your contractor. If work has begun, you should expect to pay for labor and materials that have been purchased up to the point in which you are attempting to cancel. If you wish to cancel a project, please contact your contractor directly to negotiate terms.

  • How does HomeContractors101 make money if there is no charge to use the site?

    HomeContractors101 does not charge consumers for our matching service, because professionals pay a fee for leads. Contractors provide the type of work they perform, and the territory they can cover. HomeContractors101 provides them with customer leads, and the contractor pays for these leads. The price per lead should not impact your quote.

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