Wood or Vinyl Fencing: Which is Better?

Wood or Vinyl Fencing: Which is Better?

 Oct/16/2020      61

Discover whether vinyl or wood fencing is the better option.

Investing in a fence is a great way to get more out of your home. Fencing creates privacy and turns public areas into more areas for you to enjoy. Both wood and vinyl fencing are affordable options that provide privacy, so which is the best option for your home improvement project? Read on to learn the difference between a wood fence and a vinyl fence.

Vinyl Fences

What is a vinyl fence? A vinyl fence is an attractive option, because it’s low maintenance. It comes in a variety of styles and is a lot easier to clean than wood. With proper care, a vinyl fence can last multiple decades.

Vinyl fence benefits include:

·        Best for privacy

·        Low-cost installation

·        Lasts longer and is more durable

·        Easy to clean and maintain

Wood Fences

Wood fencing is obviously common. You can find a wide variety of wood fence types and styles at different prices. Wood fencing will require weatherproofing to help it last longer. Wood can splinter and is harder to clean.

Wood fence benefits:

·        Wood fencing pricing can be very affordable depending on the wood type

·        Overall look

·        It’s easy and inexpensive to repair

Vinyl vs Wood Installation

While a fencing contractor should charge the same rate whether they are installing a wood or vinyl fence, vinyl fencing typically takes less time to install, making it the cheaper option when it comes to installation. Wood requires more skill and equipment to install, making it the more complicated option for DIYers.

Vinyl vs Wood Life Expectancy

When it comes to life expectancy, vinyl fencing wins again. Vinyl can last up to 100 years with less maintenance, while wood requires regular maintenance to last about 20 years.

Vinyl vs Wood Changing the Color

Once you pick your vinyl fencing, you won’t be able to paint it a different color. That makes wood fencing the winner hear. You can paint or stain your wood fence any color. When it comes to re-sale value, buyers may prefer wood. If they aren’t happy with the vinyl fencing, they would need to remove the whole thing. If the fencing is wood, they can paint it or refinish it.


There are pros and cons to both wood and vinyl fencing. If you are looking for something that is cheap and easy to install and has a long life, vinyl fencing is a great option. If you are looking for something you can easily change or repair, wood fencing is the better option. Either way, a fence contractor can help you install a beautiful fence around your property. Find your local fence contractor at HomeContractors101.com today.