What does a handyman do?

What does a handyman do?

 Jun/25/2021      1147

Learn some of the jobs a handyman can do for you.

You have probably heard of a handyman before, but if you are not sure what exactly they do, you are not alone. A lot of the confusion around handymen and what they do stems from the fact that they take on such a wide variety of jobs. If you have somethings you want to improve in your home, chances are a handyman can help. The average homeowner has at least nine home improvement projects they could take on, according to Porch.com. But when do you call a handyman versus a professional contractor? Here are some common services a handyman can provide.

1. Fix leaking plumbing fixtures.

If you have leaking kitchen or bathroom fixtures the job may be too small for a plumber, but a handyman can help. Those leaking fixtures are annoying and can cause mold or mildew to build up not to mention puddles. A handyman can fix leaks under sinks, showers, toilets, washing machines or refrigerators. The sooner you call a handman to fix the problem, the less damage you will have.

2. Install a light fixture.

A new light fixture can completely change the vibe of a room. You can update your home just by adding a modern or trendy fixture. However, you don’t want to mess with electricity. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could cause damage to your home. A handyman can help you install that light fixture professionally.

3. Repair drywall.
Your walls have probably seen better days, especially if you have children in your home. Living in your home means your walls probably have dents, dings or holes from hanging photos or light fixtures. A handyman can help you patch up and repair your drywall, so that it looks new again.

4. Painting jobs.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home, especially if it has been a while. A handyman has the attention to detail, tools and precision that is needed for a paint job to look professional. They will also know which types of paint to use.

5. Repair an existing deck.

While a handyman typically can’t install a deck, they can repair one. Weather causes decks to age and require repairs. You may need to level some of the planks, re-staining or a paint job.

6. Hang paintings.

Hanging artwork or pictures on a wall can take a lot of time to do correctly and avoid several holes in your wall. If you have a lot of items you want to hang, it might be worth calling a handyman.

There are several other projects you could call a handyman for including:
Setting up smart appliances if you are not tech savvy

  • HVAC maintenance

  • Furniture assembly

  • Flooring repair

  • Door repair

  • Replacing tile

  • Installing a bathroom fan

  • Toilet installation

  • And more

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